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Warrior Last Skill Guide in Cabal


Hope you like the following guide which selected from the other website by me, but it's not my work, we just give it a summary. It is the newest article on skills of warrior in Cabal.

Iron skin: Max 20, personal na defence at Hp(cabal alz) buff. Down Breaker: Max 20, personal knock-down buff. Sword Cannon: Level 9, pinaka-mabilis na cool-down at malayuang skill. (paki basa ang nasa baba).Dash: Max 9, dash, di ko na kailangan ipaliwanag. Spiral Doom: Max 20, max it for PVP damage. (paki basa ang nasa baba).

Aura Barrier: Max 20, personal na defense at hp buff.Terra Break: Max 20, finisher sa PVP, walang kwenta sa PVE. (paki basa ang nasa baba). Cascade Break: Max 20, Magandang PVE skill. (paki basa ang nasa baba). Whirlwind: Level 9, pride of all warriors, gamitin ito ng maraming beses kung posible pra sa malakas na damage. Panic Cry: Max 20, Ginagamit ito sa PVP at bosses. (paki basa ang nasa baba).


Rolling Crash: Max 20, magandang PVE skill. (paki basa ang nasa baba). Fade Step: Max 9, madalang lang gamitin, Ang mga warrior aydinatakbo!, STAND AND FIGHT. Force Kick: Level 9, ang pinaka kailangan PVP skill. (paki basa ang nasa baba). Soul Blade: Max 20, pinakamagandang personal attack buff friend(cabal gold).

Instant Immunity: Max 20, 100% resist stun, knock-down, knock-back at unable to move (paki basa ang nasa baba). Seismic Wave: Level9,gamitin lang lagi ng maraming beses kung kaya mo. Morale Shout: Max 20, party hp buff. Cat's Recovery: Max 20, 100 hp regen per 2 seconds, PVP at boss skill(paki basa ang nasa baba). Fury Shout: Max 20, party attack buff.Bear's Vitality: Max 20, personal 1k hp buff. (paki basa ang nasa baba). Bloody Spirit - Max 20, +300 attack -70% def.

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