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The mode of Cabal


The system of combo mode is a skill which you gain after at lvl10(Cabal Powerleveling) and finishing the requirement in Cabal. The combo mode need at least 3-5 skills so that to do properly. About LVL 15+ you will be able to do the combo mode successfully a couple of times not just after two skills. The combo mode does take some practice to get use to and to control.Its not easy at first, trust me its not, so don't get mad if your not good at in game(cabal gold).


All in all, You will see a bar on your screen once you select the skill of combo mode(cabal alz). The bar has a meter which fills to three colours: Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Now you may be thinking That green must be good and red must be bad. Buts its the complete opposite Red is Good green is BAd. The combo mode requires good timming if you press to early like an idiot your going to miss if you get any other colour you'll hit. the better your colour the harder you hit.

The Warriors weild the giant sword, your well known tanks. Warriors are able to weild the great sword or the daikatanas (Bigger than regular katanas more damage) Warriors have the highest damage in game(cabal gold). and have an awesome defence. Making them the class with the best defense and attack. Warriors have high HP and defense stats making them very good for PvP and PvE. It is good for new player in Cabal.a)Spawn Point when starting "Bloody Ice"; b)Big sparkly swords with great damage; c) Great for PvP due to the powerfull skills.You can buy alz.

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