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The Cabal Pet Guide


CABAL has 6 classes. Those 6 are Warriors, Wizards, Bladers, Force Bladers, Force Archers, and Force Shielders. Each class has their ups and downs, their wins and fails, so let us review each class in a general synopsis.

Warriors may wield either great swords or daikatanas. Their usual armor used is the armor set. Warriors deal the highest amount of damage in CABAL and most of their skills are single target skills. Also, since the armor set is the strongest armor defense-wise, warriors boast the highest damage and one of the highest defenses. Because warrior skills are all 1 sided and mostly fall under the sword skill rank, warriors are a very easy to class to play and are probably one of the best ones for beginners.

1)Highest damage dealers(cabal alz)
2)One of the best survivors due to high defense and HP
3)Shiny armor and large swords are appealing to most
4)Exceptional in PvP due to attack and defense.

1)Most people do not like how warrior skills take a long time to cast
2)Said to be hard to train with in Lakeside due to lack of stun skills(cabal gold)

Warriors do NOT attack slower than everyone else. Their skills take LONGER to cast, but as for normal attacks, they are no slower than anyone else's attacks. Nor do warriors walk the slowest due to armor weight.You can buy alz.


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