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Soul and Siena in Cabal


Most players are know there have a option allowing you to spend Soul experience points, gained during normal game play, on a series of new skills and powers for character development. And potential benefits include increasing your Cabal gold drop rate, boosting attributes or even increasing the amount of experience you receive from each monster kill.

There have a armour set for each class for Sig-metal armours in Cabal, and the sub-prime system allows cabal alz  players to set a four digit password on equipment, storage or even a character, reducing the risk of losing your hard-earned items to an account breach.

The Altar of Siena, a dungeon for higher level cabal gold players. Located deep inside the Mutant Forest, the ruined temple is home to foes with powers unlike any witnessed before, providing a challenge to even the strongest and most intelligent of adventurers. You will love our professional Cabal powerleveling service.You can buy alz.


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