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Hunting in Mutant Forest of Cabal


I have collect this guide from other website, it is mainly describes mutant forest in Cabal, I sincerely hope it can help you more or less.

According to me it's the best one. Here We would provide you the cheapest cabal alz  with the fastest delivery. We hope this can help you grind with friends and alone ofcourse. We would suggest using as much stun as you can.


Green dots: Players(Cabal gold) - The WI and FA stand there because for example FA has knockback on most of their skills, meaning they will knock the mobs into the melee area, making the melee users hit the mobs all the time.

And If you stand in the WI/FA spot, no mobs will come to you unless the melee players dies. Red Dots: - Mobs. Blue Dot: - This is where the unwanted ectoleaf spawns, it will not move unless you run around the corner and back to your standpoint.You can buy alz.

Yellow Line: - If you stand on the wrong side of this line, the ectoleaf in the blue dot will spawn. Pink Arrows: - This is from where the mobs in the red dots will come from, make sure you don't attack them before they stand on the red dots.

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