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Freestyle PVP Adepts in Cabal


After watched many videos on youtube with Cabal PVP's. You have saw they make other style of PVP on others servers. After this update FS WA can kill FB, BL, WI or FA only from Compl GM(crit) even only from Compl. Freestyle PVP is what we calling Tactic. The knowledge of the game and skills. What skills you cast. when you cast EU pvp it sux you dont need to know. You can buy cheap Cabal Alz from our site when you dont have time to farm gold.

Just a 3 kkk set and spam skills for eu pvp style. All classes are equal on Freestyle PVP. They build characters after them style EST soft dont OP any classo. So you start build a comunity of free pvp we need decide some things togheter. You can buy Cabal powerleveling service from our site as well(cabal alz).

For example Free Pvp zone we think is better to be on Channel 1 in Desert Scream Dummy zone. Because of less lag. FB DONT USE MANA FREEZE cause with this can kill any class. He can use all his debuffs but NOT Mana Freeze. So all advices and FLAMES are welcomed and anyone who want from today is invited on Channel 1 Desert Scream Dummy zone(cabal gold).

Freestyle PvP like in channel 1 u said, well im with you man, However, would it be better if the developers OR GM's make a PVP channels like they made a War channel and Pk channels? So, think about it, if there is a PvP channel as well said it should be Freestyle but well ofc considering it as the developers or gm "MUST or MIGHT" take out and Take in some consideration which items skills must apply.You can buy alz.


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