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CabalSEA Guild War in Malaysia


It's now time to prove your guild's worth in the Cabal Alz SEA Guild War held in Malaysia. Duel with other guilds for the stakes are high where winners will be crowned the strongest guild in Malaysia.

Guild Leaders must assemble their finest warriors from their guild and battle other guilds in the Cabal Alz Guild War(cabal alz). This event will take place in 4 different states in Malaysia and the finals will be held in Kuala Lumpur.

Guild Leaders will register on behalf of their guilds with their chosen members in their passport. Cabal Alz Guilds must decide which state they would be participating and make their way down to their respective registered state as according to the Guild War schedule. Guilds will fight to attain the champion guild title in each world in each division territory.

Make haste to register before the closing dates for each division. Good luck and see you there(cabal gold)!

Please remember that all guild leaders must bring print out of registration number with guild leader and members details and personal identification documents for verifications.You can buy alz.


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