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Cabal: Trials, Initiates And Loot rules


It all depends on how much you have and whether you actually like pvp in Cabal, or find it fun on occasion and if you war every time that you can. If you like to pvp and go to everu war you can, we would suggest getting these gear sets at these level brackets this is about what gear we had at these levels and it was for a warrior.

From 75 to 119: Stit boots or gloves with 7% amp, PC stit or osm DB 36% helm, osm amp suit 7% amp and hp and DB weapons guesstimated price range is helm 30+ mil. boots 200+mil. gloves 200+mil. suit 20-50 mil. weapons(cabal gold): GS-40mil. accessories: Amulet of Pain +5, rol+1 x3 crit ring +2 and whatever earrings you can wear that level in cabal alz.

Price for accesories.AoP+5. rol+1: 2-3 mil each. Crit Ring +2: 200 mil or Crit ring +1: 1mil. Therefore this set would be 500mil+. By the way, you can buy Cabal Gold from our site when you have not time for your character(cabal gold).

119-150 : At this point, you should have. Osm boots or gloves 7% amp. Osm DB dmg helm 36% cdi. Osm Weps totaling 54%-72% at least. Bracelet of Fighter +2 slotted x2 or Bracelet of Fighter +3 slotted x2. Cabal Alz still ring of luck+1 x3. crit ring+1 or +2. amulet of pain +6 or better.

This set would be alot more being about 1.2 bil if your weapons are PC DBalso, as soon as you can, try and find yourself someone that crafts boots/gloves in shinegaurd and offer them mats for amp gear and hope for some pc amp.

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