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Cabal: Changes in the Remote Shop Card


Dear friends, nice to see you in our site, thanks to the loyal and new customers for supporting us all the time, we will devote all efforts to returning, once again, thank you! And we have collected the Cabal information on the other site.

New skill bar:
change requirements of BS level(cabal alz) for level 120 from 100 Bloody Orcs to 60.
new quest from Magic dealer Keller in Bloody Ice:
requirements: level 85 or BS level 9 or higher

New Weapons: Star Lica
note: These weapons drop from "Illusion Castle" dungeon
They have high requirements (level 120) also need high stats but have stats of osm level because they can drop with triple epic options.

reward is this ring:
new DX dungeon: "cabal gold":
item required: Crazy Streamer
requirements: level 110 or BS level 11 or higher
duration: 20 minutes
entry: Fort Ruina X-40 or Y-175

Also a new quest that tells about the DX dungeon "Crazy Streamer" that involves a ghost. quest can be taken from Helen in Fort Ruina, now we can re-enter dungeon if we get dc, but we have 5 min and only in party we can enter. we can complete Hidden helper quest even without DT cards. add formula cards for crafting fury potions small/medium/large sizes.You can buy alz.



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