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Cabal Online News


CABAL Online Releases Reloaded-Update

This update delivers change that will make a real improvement to the game play of both new and existing players. said Thorsten Schauer With some major changes for all levels, there truly is something ..


Extending Guide in Cabal

Magical attack and physical attack are the exact same thing, each meant for a different class(magic attack is useless for FB, for example). We were asking whether attack power or amp contributes more ..


Hunting in Mutant Forest of Cabal

I have collect this guide from other website, it is mainly describes mutant forest in Cabal, I sincerely hope it can help you more or less.According to me its the best one. Here We would provide you t..


The Cabal Pet Guide

CABAL has 6 classes. Those 6 are Warriors, Wizards, Bladers, Force Bladers, Force Archers, and Force Shielders. Each class has their ups and downs, their wins and fails, so let us review each class in..


The mode of Cabal

The system of combo mode is a skill which you gain after at lvl10(Cabal Powerleveling) and finishing the requirement in Cabal. The combo mode need at least 3-5 skills so that to do properly. About LVL..


Friends column operation in Cabal

Cabal can click on the shortcut key B, then enter the friend column . Please read follow the tips for the game.1. Friends List: You can select friends to whisper here, team and other operations.2. Sto..


2Slot Drop Set Tips in Cabal

We know 2slotdropset is (probaly) a linear input. So at low levels you will not see any difference, because we cant see increases of a few percentage. Only statistical analysis will show that you are ..


Cabal Guide: Slots Skill

Most people are choose FB to play in Cabal. It is good class for players to level. Maybe you are wonder which upgrade is the best for fb set? is it crit + sword amp? By the way, if you are searching f..


Cabal: PK System in game

Points accumulation of points accumulation in far less rapidly in Cabal, it is the system based on time of war, in a certain time-frame given, such as five teams at the same time periods, each occupie..


Soul and Siena in Cabal

Most players are know there have a option allowing you to spend Soul experience points, gained during normal game play, on a series of new skills and powers for character development. And potential be..